The Agenda Builder has a number of options to help you organise meetings with better time management, collate files into a board pack and customise the layout for easier reading.

To begin creating the agenda, go to Menu > Manage Meetings > Select a meeting > Agenda tab.

Adding Agenda Items

Add a new agenda item with the button on the upper right. 

For the duration, you can select the meeting start/end time with Time Range, or enter the time in Minutes for flexibility.

Each agenda item can have multiple presenters, linked files, and linked votes. Check multiple users or files from the dropdown.

Arranging items

Sections can be created to group agenda items. Click the +Section button on the upper right to add new.

Sections and agenda items can be rearranged by drag-and-drop with the arrow in front of each. Agenda items can also be indented by dragging to the right under another one. You can indent items for two levels maximum.

After reordering, the change is autosaved.

Editing Items

Mouse over existing items to edit, delete or expand to see the details. You can also reorder the linked files.

Finally, remember to publish agenda in Agenda Actions so attendees can see the details.