A Vote could be linked to an agenda item with supporting documents, to ensure the board directors are well prepared to cast a vote. You can link an existing vote topic to the agenda item or create one with the Agenda builder.

To begin creating the agenda, go to Menu > Select a space > Meeting Meetings > Select a meeting > Agenda Tab

Click the +Agenda Item on the upper right or the Pen icon for the existing agenda item.

Add an existing Vote to Agenda Item

On the Linked Votes section, choose a topic from the dropdown.

Click Save to save your data.

Create a Vote with Agenda Builder

1) Full Setup

Create a new Vote from scratch by populating details

Click Save to save your data.

2) Quick Create

Automatically create a topic to vote based on the detail of the agenda item and meeting attendees will be added as the Voters.

Click Save to save your data.