Board Packs are stored in meetings. They can be created by uploading files and linking them to agenda items.

To create a Board Pack, let's start by editing a meeting from Menu > (select a Space) > Manage Meetings > Select a meeting.

Step 1. Files tab - Upload Files

  1. Go to Files tab

  2. Select file(s) to upload button on the right.

  3. In Step 1, choose one or more files to upload. 

    By default, the files are uploaded as new with original filenames. You can edit the Display Name to replace the original filename; or click Select an existing file to update the version of a previously uploaded file.

    Note: each batch upload can have a maximum of up to 10 files, 20MB each, and up to 100MB in total.

  4. Scroll down to Step 2 to set file permission for attendees. Since permissions are incremental, you only need to select one of the four options:
    • Read Only - allow to view in Board Pack.
    • Read, Annotate - allow to view in Board Pack and to make annotations.
    • Read, Annotate, Download - in addition to viewing and annotating, user can also download a soft copy in PDF for offline use.
    • Manage (Read, Annotate, Download, Versioning) - in addition to all the above permissions, user with access to Files tab of a meeting (e.g. Space Manager) can upload new versions of the file.

  5. Click Upload on bottom right to start uploading. Note:
    • If a single file is uploaded, it will be processed immediately and show up in Files.
    • If multiple files are uploaded, they will be added to the queue for processing. You can check the status in Processing Files.

Step 2: Agenda Builder - Create and publish Agenda

1. Go to Agenda tab

2. Add new agenda item by clicking +Agenda button on upper right

3. Link file to link uploaded files. Save.

4. Rearrange item order by drag-and-drop “+” arrow in front of each item. Create indented sub-item by dragging to the right. Items can be indented for two levels maximum. Click Save in the message at the top of agenda after rearranging.

5. Repeat the above steps for all agenda items with files in Board Pack.

6. Publish agenda by Agenda Actions > Publish Agenda. Attendees now can see agenda.

Step 3: Board Pack Builder - Preview and Publish Board Pack

1. Go to Board Pack tab

2. Board Pack Actions on the right > Preview Board Pack. The document viewer will open in the pop-up. Check if the files are linked properly by clicking on the filenames on the left column. The files should open on the viewer.

3. By default the agenda will be added to the first page of the Board Pack. You can choose to remove it.

4. Board Pack Actions > Publish Board Pack to release the pack to attendees.

You can always unpublish the board pack to hide it from attendees when necessary.