Checking your pending voting

If there is any voting requiring your attention, you are notified on the right-hand side of the dashboard under Pending Actions;

or Notifications under Inbox icon.

"Click here to view more details" to enter Voting Page with all open and completed vote topics.

Cast a Vote

Click on the Voting (Pending Actions) or Vote Topic(Voting Page) to launch the voting console, which will show the voting details. If the vote topic is linked to an agenda, there is a shortcut at the bottom of the vote console that will redirect you to the related agenda.

Select a vote option and click Submit to cast your vote. 

Once the vote is cast, a green box will show to acknowledge your vote.

View result for completed Voting

Go to Menu > Feature > Voting > Select a Completed Vote Topic.

There is a flag indicator on the Vote Result section: Green Flag is Passed and Red Flag is Failed.