Version: 5.0

Release Date: 12 September 2020



In this update, we are introducing several new features including meeting minutes review, search capabilities and reporting. We have also made improvements in email notification preferences, portal administration and account security.

New features


1. Collaborative Meeting Minutes Review 

  • Meeting administrators can now submit the meeting minutes to one or more meeting attendees for review before publishing.
  • Users will receive a notification for a minutes review request. They can also view open requests via the Pending Actions widget on the dashboard.
  • When users launch a review request, they can review the current draft minutes and add private comments to the administrators against individual sections. They can also collaborate with other reviewers and administrators in the dedicated discussions thread. 
  • Via the review console, meeting administrators can track the response submissions, send reminders and have a singular view of responses from all reviewers and can easily edit draft meeting minutes in-line.

2. Search Capabilities 

  • We are introducing a centralised search function that allows you to quickly find meeting files, member profiles and tasks within the portal.
  • You can access Search at the top toolbar or under the Home section in the main menu.
  • A list search function is also added to the Switch Organisation, Manage Organisations, Manage Organisation Administrators, Manage Members and Member Directory pages to let you find information from the relevant lists.

3. Meeting Attendance Reporting

  • We are introducing a new Reporting engine starting with 2 standard reports - Organisation Attendance Report and Space Attendance report.
  • Space Attendance Report provides a summary of individual attendance at all meetings held in a space (e.g. Board of Directors space) within a specified time period. 
  • Organisation Attendance Report provides a summary of individual attendance at all meetings held across all (or selected) spaces in the organisation within a specified time period.
  • The output format of reports is PDF.
  • Reports can be found under the Home section in the main menu.


1. Email Notification Preferences 

  • You can now configure your preferences to opt into or opt out from receiving certain types of email notification such as new messages, actions / task assignments and meeting notifications.  

2. Extended Board Pack Export Options 

  • Administrators are now able to configure whether to include the agenda item summary page(s) in an exported PDF Board Pack.

3. Security Notifications

  • For enhanced account security, users will now receive an automated email in the event of a successful login attempt, a password change and a change of account security questions.

4. New Company Types

  • New organisation type options - Non-Profit, Government and Other - are added to the company profile settings to align with specific business needs. 

4. Enhanced UI

  • The design of tabs in meeting administration pages is standardised to provide a more consistent navigation experience.