Version: 4.0

Deployment Date: 30 April 2020



In this update, we are introducing a number of new features including digital signatures, multiple boards single-sign-on and multiple organisations. We have also made several improvements in user experience, administration and account security.

New features


1. Digital Signature

  • Meeting administrators can now submit a PDF document to one or more users for secure digital signatures.
  • Users will receive a notification for signature requests. They can also view pending signature requests via the new Pending Actions widget on the dashboard.
  • When users launch a signature request, they can review the document and sign digitally with one click.

2. Multiple Boards Single Sign-on

  • Users can now single sign-on to multiple Praxonomy portals using the same set of login credentials. 
  • The system securely detects when a person is an existing Praxonomy user by his/her email address during the user creation process and automatically connects the user to the new Praxonomy organisation. 

3. Multiple Organisations*

  • You can create, manage and navigate between multiple organisations (with complete data segregation) in one Praxonomy portal (e.g. for group companies, complex governance structures or private equity groups).

4. New Supported Language: Simplified Chinese 

  • You can now change the default system language to Chinese (Simplified).

5. Admin Shortcuts on Dashboard

  • A new Admin Shortcuts widget has been added on the Dashboard to provide quick links to popular settings for administrators according to our user roles.


1. Delegated Member Profile Administration

  • Organisations Administrators can now edit the Member Profiles on behalf of users.

2. Board Pack Files Reordering

  • Administrators are now able to rearrange the order of linked files within an Agenda Item with autosave.

3. Default Meeting Timezone

  • When creating a Meeting, the Meeting timezone is automatically set to the meeting creator's timezone (configured via My Settings).

4. Enhanced Meeting Tasks Navigation 

  • Shortcuts are added in the task detail page and task lists to enable easier navigation between related Meetings and Spaces.

5. Board Pack File Links in Agenda

  • Clicking on the file names in Agenda items will take users directly to the relevant files in a published board pack. 

6. Company Name Display Label

  • A UI element is added to the top toolbar to display the name of the Organisation the user is currently in.

7. Enhanced Discussions

  • Threaded replies are added to Discussions in Spaces. Authors can also edit or delete the comments which they have posted. 

8. Changing Account Security

*Each Praxonomy portal comes with one Organisation by default, please contact your Client Success Manager if you would like to enable multiple Organisations in your portal.