Boardlogic lets you send notifications to meeting attendees to inform them about meeting matters. All meeting notifications are sent on an on-demand basis, allowing administrators to have complete control over communications with board members. Boardlogic offers 8 types of meeting notifications:

  • Meeting Invitation**
  • Meeting Update**
  • Agenda Published**
  • Agenda Updated
  • Board Park Published**
  • Board Pack Updated
  • Minutes Published**
  • Minutes Updated

**You will get a prompt from the system to send these types of notifications as you complete the related action. For example, after you publish a meeting, the system will prompt you and ask whether you want to send a Meeting Invitation to meeting attendees. 

All meeting notifications are received within Boardlogic (under Notification Centre) as well as in the users’ email. In-app notifications contain a link directing the user to the related record. 


Sending Meeting Notifications

Go to Menu > Select a Space > Manage Meeting > Select a meeting

In Meeting Actions > Notify Attendees

Select a Notification Type

  1. Type additional information you want to show in the notification in the Additional Message box
  2. Select the meeting attendees you want to send the notification to (all attendees are selected by default)
  3. Click Send

Note: you can only send meeting notifications after a meeting is published.