Boardlogic's Digital Signature feature allows you to collect signatures on a meeting document from one or more Boardlogic users. To collect signatures, Administrators first need to create a Signature Request on a PDF document uploaded under the Files tab of a Meeting. 

In a Signature Request, Administrators can choose the signature method and display, add a due date/time for the signatures, add users as signers and specify a signature field for each, anywhere they like on the document. Once a Signature Request is submitted, all the designated signers will receive a notification for the signature request. When the signer launches the signature request, they are able to review the document and sign electronically with their signing certificate. Once all the signatures are collected, the Administrator will be able to mark the document as signed to complete the signature request workflow. 

Creating a New Signature Request

A Signature Request refers to the entire signature workflow on a document at a time. You can have as many signers add their signatures to a document in a Signature Request. There can only be one Signature Request attached to a document.

To create a new Signature Request, navigate to the administrative page of the meeting: Menu > (Select a Space) > Manage Meetings > Select the meeting

Navigate to the Files tab, click the Actions button of the document you (or first upload the document), then select Manage Signature Request.

Note: Digital Signature is only available on PDF files.


On the Signature Request console, click the Create Signature Request button.

Select the suitable Signature Method and Signature Display.  Then Specify the Due Date/Time for the Signature Request. Click Save to proceed.

Adding Signers

To add users as signers in the Signature Request, click the "+" icon in the Signers panel

Note: there must be at least one signer in a Signature Request

Select a member from the list.

Note: Members must have "Read" permission to the document to be added as a signer.

Repeat this step to add more signers to the signature

Adding Signature Fields

The signature field lets you add an empty digital signature field for a specific signer in the document. When a signer has signed the document, the signature will be displayed in his/her designated signature field.

Click Add Signature Field to add a signature field for the signer in the document. 

You can reposition it if you need to by clicking on the field you just placed then dragging it to the exact placement you need.

Repeat this step for every signer in the signature request

Once the signature fields are correctly placed, click SAVE at the top of the document viewer.

Submitting the Signature Request

To submit the Signature Request, click Actions > Submit Signature Request

When the Signature Request is submitted:

  • The status of the Signature Request will become Active
  • The document will be locked from editing and versioning by users
  • A notification (in-app and email) will be sent to the signer(s) individually

You will be able to monitor the overall progress of an active Signature Request in the Overview panel.

Sending Reminder to Signer(s)

You can check the individual signature status in the Signers panel. Moreover, you can click on Send Reminder to select in progress signers to send a reminder notification.

Viewing Audit Trail

In the Overview panel, you will see the progress, change due date and view the Signature Audit trail report. 

Completing the Signature Request

When all the signatures have been collected, click Actions > Mark Document as Signed to complete the Signature Request.

Canceling an Active Signature Request

To cancel an active Signature Request, click Actions > Cancel Signature Request.

When a Signature Request is canceled, any pending signature will not be collected. However, the current version of the document (with signature fields and any signatures already stamped) will be kept.


  • The document is automatically versioned each time when a signature field is added and when a signature is placed.