Version: 2.0

Deployment date: 12 August  2019



In this update, we are introducing annotation tools in the revamped document viewer. We have improved board pack creation process for administrators with multiple file upload and a new file permission matrix.

New features

  • Annotate and markup your documents with freehand drawings, highlights, shape tools and text notes. Collaborate with your team with shared notes. Annotations are preserved even when documents are updated with new versions.

  • With the all-new document viewer, the toolbar is available even when the viewer is in fullscreen mode. You can perform actions such as zoom, rotate and markup when viewing a document in fullscreen.

  • Board pack creation is now easier for administrators. You can now upload multiple files (up to 10) at once. File permission options have been revamped and are now "incremental" which can be set with a single click.