Version: 1.2

Deployment date: 23 July 2019



In this update, we are introducing a new tool to watermark your documents in board pack; more supported file formats; single-sign-on to Help Centre with to access support articles with a single click; and improvements to board pack creation and portal administration for administrators.

New features:

  • Watermark your documents with any custom phrase or logo to remind readers about confidentiality or prove the source of the files.

  • Help Centre is now accessible with single-sign-on, without the need to log in separately. While logged in to Praxonomy, you can visit Help Centre with by clicking on the question mark icon on top right corner. You can also find help buttons in different areas that require further explanations.

  • More file formats are supported: PNG, RTF and TXT.


  • After re-ordering agenda items, if you leave Agenda Tab without saving, a warning message is shown.

  • Board Pack Viewer on mobile devices can now tap to open documents from bookmarks bar.

  • Deactivated users no longer appear in Directory, Space Member and Meeting Attendees. When these accounts are re-activated, they will appear in these lists again.

  • Company Logo has a new cropping tool implemented to help adjust the best-fit size.