Last Minute Updates

Board Pack updates dynamically when you update agenda, existing files, and add or remove linked files in agenda item so that meeting attendees can always open the latest version. You can make changes to the files and agenda to update the Board Pack whether it has been published or not.

Add files to Board Pack

  1. Go to Menu > (select a Space) > Manage Meeting > Select a meeting
  2. Go to Files tab. Upload a new file
  3. In Agenda tab, create new or edit existing agenda item to link the file. Multiple files can be linked to each item.

Update existing files

File owner (who uploaded the file) and users with “Manage” permission can upload a new version of the file.

  1. Go to Menu > (select a Space) > Manage Meeting > Select a meeting
  2. Go to Files tab
  3. Actions … > Upload New Version > Choose a file to upload from computer. 

Note that only files of the same format can be replaced.

Remove files from Board Pack

This is done by removing the linked file in an agenda item, or deleting an agenda item completely.

  1. Go to Menu > (select a Space) > Manage Meeting > Select a meeting
  2. Go to Agenda tab
  3. Move mouse over agenda item > Edit (to remove linked files) or Delete (delete agenda item) button on the right
  4. In linked file(s) drop down, uncheck files
  5. Save

The agenda item and uploaded file can be removed when necessary.