Version: 8.0

Deployment date: 5 August 2023


In this update, we will be implementing new features, an overall system improvement in meeting management, minutes note-taker, and some additional bug fixes.

New Features

1. Clone Meeting

  • Space Managers can now clone a past meeting, instead of creating a new meeting from scratch. The cloned meeting will be created as a Draft.
  • Clonable elements (optional) include meeting name, meeting details (description, time & date, venue, and conferencing link), attendees with/ without guests, and agenda structure.

2. Enhanced Security

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security and protection for user credentials and the resources that the user can access.
  • Organisation Administrators can now choose whether to impose 2FA on the organisation's members upon login. 
  • Once enabled, all user accounts are required to log in with a One-Time Password (OTP) that is generated and sent to the user's registered email.

Overall Improvements

1. Bug Fixes

  • Issue with accessing tabs in meeting caused by multiple exportation (Agenda, Board pack, and Minutes)
  • Issue with uploading profile photo

2. File Support

  • Jpeg/jpg can now be uploaded to the meeting as part of the board pack

3. Increased character limit on the minutes note-taker

  • Increased limit to 20,000 characters