When 2FA is turned on, all users are given a 5-minute validity window after their login attempt. Sometimes, users or administrators may not be able to access their inbox to obtain the One-Time Password (OTP) required to access their Boardlogic account. 

As an Organisation administrator, you can help Users log in with the OTP, and as Joint-Owner Administrator you can support Organisation Administrator / User with their login:

To assist User, go to Menu > Organisation Settings > Manage Member 

To assist Organisation Administrator, go to Menu > System Setup > Manage Organisation Administrators

 1. click on the action button(...) on the User card > Show 2FA Pin

2. The One-Time Password (OTP) will display on the window. This OTP will remain valid for 5 minutes after the user or admin's initial login attempt.

Note: The OTP will become unavailable after the 5-minute window.