Users might ask if they could change their email address when they leave their company or wants to use their personal email address. In Boardlogic, for security reasons, the user account is associated with one email address only. In other words, we cannot transfer the account settings (such as Signature Certificate, Handwritten signature, and saved annotations) and permission to another account.


That being said, you could follow the steps below to invite a new user or new admin with their new email address (Only System Owner/Joint-Owner Administrator could manage organisation administrators). First, deactivate their current account inside Manage Members, in consequence freeing up a user license.


For User: Go to Menu > Organisation Settings > Manage Members 

For Admin: Go to Menu > System setup > Manage Organisation Administrators

1. Find the User and click on the (...) action button > select Deactivate Member > Confirm

2. The user status becomes Deactivated

Next, invite the member with their new email address and update the space settings.

For User: Click on the Create new member button in the upper right 

For Admin: Click Actions > Create New Organisation Administrator

1. Follow the wizard with the new email address to complete the member/organisation administrator creation process. Note: the activation link will expire 96 hours after the email is sent. If needed, Admin can resend the activation link.

2. Once a new account has been created, you could add the new account to more Spaces and add the new account as an attendee to past/future meetings to allow access to those meetings.

3. Give meeting file permission to the new account.


If you are still having trouble, please contact our support team and indicate which account you want to change.