Version: 7.0

Deployment date: 25 September 2021


In this update, we are introducing a voting feature in meetings and new look and feel throughout the portal. We have also made several improvements in meeting management, navigation toolbar, exported PDFs and board pack.

New Feature

1. Electronic Voting

  • Meeting administrators can now create votes under the Voting tab of a Meeting or embed votes in specific agenda items.
  • Voters will receive a notification for a vote request. They can also view open requests via the Pending Actions widget on the dashboard during the validity period. 
  • When voters launch the voting card, they can review the topic and cast a vote directly.
  • Via the Vote console, administrators can keep track of responses, edit details, send reminders and reset votes for individual voters. They are also able to mark the vote as Completed to publish the final results in a graphical format.
  • Users can access all assigned Votes under the Features section in the main menu.


1. Rebranding in the UI

  • The overall theme of the web portal is revamped with a new colour schema, Boardlogic logo and page design.
  • The iOS mobile app is also updated to reflect our new branding.

2. Switch Organisation Page Layout

  • The layout of the Switch Organisation page is redesigned to differentiate between current organisation and other organisations and display summary of the next meeting.  

3. Toolbar Labels 

  • New indicator labels are added to the top right navigation toolbar to provide clear guidance.

4. Streamlined Meeting Creation Process

  • Creating a new meeting now brings you to the draft meeting overview tab immediately. 
  • Administrators are able to publish Meeting, Agenda, Linked Votes, and Board Pack at once with the additional Publish All option in the Meeting Actions.

5. Indentation in Exported Agenda 

  • The exported agenda PDF properly shows indentation in accordance with the agenda builder structure. 

6. Guest Attendance in Exported Minutes

  • The exported minutes PDF should include guest attendees in the Meeting Attendance section. 

7. Enhanced Board Pack Navigation

  • The left bookmarks sidebar in the board pack now displays every agenda item. Clicking on the agenda item will show the sub-section of the agenda.