Manage a Vote topic
To launch Vote management console, go to Menu > Select a Space > Select a Meeting > Voting Tab > Select a Topic.


You are able to monitor the overall progress of an open Vote Topic in the Overview panel and individual vote status in the Voters panel.  

Add / Remove Voter(s) [Vote Status:Draft / Open]

1. Administrators can add voter(s) to the Vote Topic when it's in Draft or Open status. Simply click on the person+ icon.

2. Select a Space Member from the drop-down and click Save.

3. Administrators can also remove voter(s) from the Vote Topic. Simply click on the trash icon next to the voter.

Publish draft Vote Topic

1. To make the vote topic visible to all voters, you need to publish a draft Vote Topic by clicking Actions on the top right > Publish > Confirm

2. The Status of the Vote will change to Open.

Sending Reminder

If you want to send a reminder to members with pending status, click Send Reminder to select the assignee(s). Click Send to proceed.

Reset Vote [Vote Status: Open]

Admin can reset the vote for the voted individual. Simply click on the reset icon on the left of the voter's name.  Then click Confirm to reset the vote.

Completing the Vote Topic

1. When all the Voters have cast their vote or the due date has passed, the Admin can mark the Vote Topic as completed by clicking on Actions > Mark Completed 

2. Pick a final result (Passed/Not Passed/Do not mark final result) > Save to complete the Vote. 

3. The status of the Vote will change to Completed.

If the assignee did not cast a vote before voting is mark completed, it will count as a No Vote. 

Assignees will be able to view the final result from Menu > Features > Votes, and for linked Vote, view from Board Pack.

Cancelling an Open Vote Topic

1. To cancel an open Vote Topic, click Action > Cancel. 

2. When a Voting Topic is canceled, any pending vote will not be collected. However, the current version of the voting (with collected votes) will be kept and mark as Terminated on the Voting tab.

Reopen a Vote

Admin can reopen any Completed o Terminated topic.  Click Action > Reopen.The status of the Vote will be reverted to Draft.