Boardlogic’s voting feature lets you create and manage approvals related to a meeting. To collect votes, Administrators first need to create a Voting Topic under the Voting tab of a Meeting.


In a Voting Topic, Administrator(s) can choose the status Draft or Open, set a specific period, add members as assignees, and could customise the voting options. Once a Voting Topic is submitted, all the designated voters will receive a notification for vote request. When the voter launches the voting card, they are able to cast a vote and if the voting topic is linked to the agenda, they could click on the shortcut to see the agenda detail. Once all votes are collected, the Administrator will mark the vote as completed and record the final results to finish the voting workflow.

Creating a Voting Topic

To create a new voting topic, navigate to the administrative page of the meeting:

Menu > (select a space) > Manage Meetings > Select a meeting

Navigate to the Voting Tab, click on +New Vote on the upper right 

Next, give this topic a name, set status as Draft or Open and define a specific time period if needed, then select members.

You can also customise the voting options by typing on the options fields or leave as blank to use the default. 

Click Save to create the voting request.