There might be situations where the admin needs to deactivate a user account or remove a user account from the organisation. This article will help you choose the correct option to meet your exact need. 


Deactivating a user account

If a member is retired or no longer working for the organisation and doesn’t need access to the portal, the admin could simply "Deactivate" the user account to release the user licence, which can be used to invite a new member. 

Once deactivated, the user will not be able to log in to the portal. 


Remove a user from the organisation (for multiple organisations setup)

The use of "remove from organisation" allows the admin to manage different organisations created within a system. 


For example, the user needs to be transferred to another organisation within the system. The admin will need to remove a user from the organisation and invite the user into another organisation. 


Once removed, the user will not have access to that organisation and space(s).