Version: 6.0

Deployment date: 20 March 2021



In this update, we are introducing a new iOS mobile application. We have also made several improvements in document signature, notification and minutes notetaker.

New Feature

1. iOS Mobile Application

  • Board members can now access meeting information and materials using our iPad and iPhone apps.
  • Users can review the meeting agenda and all latest documents associated with a meeting with our document reader. 
  • There are built-in annotation tools that allow users to make private markups (with Apple Pencil support), note and shared comments directly on the document pages. 
  • When meeting materials are published or updated, users will receive push notifications on their devices.
  • Member directory is available to provide quick access to fellow board members' profiles with shortcuts to call and email. 
  • Face ID / Touch ID can be enabled to log in faster without having to enter email and password each time.
  • Users can single sign-on to multiple Boardfolio portals using the same set of login credentials.


1. Handwritten e-Signature  

  • Administrators can now collect handwritten e-signature for PDF documents, with options to include signer's name and timestamp on the signature field. 
  • The handwritten signature also works with signing certificate for added security.
  • Signers can set up their own handwritten signature by drawing on the signature pad or uploading an image file. 

2. Signature Audit Trail

  • Administrators are able to view and print signature report that details signature request history with basic document information .  

3.  Marking Notifications as Read Automatically

  • When you open an unread message from the notification list (bell icon in the upper right corner) or inside notification centre, the message will be marked as read automatically. 

4. Increased Minutes Word Limit 

  • The text editors in Minutes Builder and Minutes Review panel can now accommodate up to 10,000 characters. 

5. Enhanced UI

  • When the board pack of the meeting is not yet available, all linked files under the Agenda tab are unclickable for users.