Boardlogic can store your handwritten signature for signing purposes. It can also work alongside your Digital Certificate as a more advanced feature. Click here to find out how to set up your signing certificate if required.

1. To create a new handwritten e-signature, you need to navigate to Account > My Settings

2. Click on Handwritten Signature under Signature Settings 

A pop-up window will display two methods to create your handwritten e-signature. 

Method A - Draw on signature pad

i) Move the cursor to the pad, press and hold down the mouse button to start drawing your signature. 

ii) You are able to reset your signature by clicking the Reset button on the top right of the signature pad. 

iii) Click Save to confirm your setup.

Method B - Upload an image of your signature

i) Select Image to upload your signature file using .jpg, .jpeg and .png format

ii) Adjust your signature to fit within the white box.

iii) Click Save to finish the setup.