Boardlogic lets you access multiple organisations using only one set of login credentials. The link-up process is automatic and it applies to both organisations belonging to one Boardlogic portal (e.g. same company) or different Boardlogic portals (e.g. different companies), as long as the same email address is used to register for user accounts across such organisations.

When administrators add a new member to the organisation, Boardlogic automatically detects when the email address is already registered with Boardlogic (either via the same portal or a different portal). If the email address is already registered with Boardlogic, the user will receive an email to join the new organisation.

When you are added to a new organisation in Boardlogic, you will receive an email inviting you to join the new organisation. Click Join Organisation to begin the link-up process.

Enter your email address registered with Boardlogic

You will see the name(s) of the new organisation(s) waiting to be connected, select the organisation(s) you wish to connect to, click Next.

Enter your account password and the link-up process is complete.

Once the new organisation is connected to your account, you will be able to access it in your account.