Version: 3.0

Deployment Date: 18 January 2020



In this new release, we are introducing a number of new features and enhancements, as well as security updates.

New features


1. Revamped notifications

  • Administrators are now able to notify users when meeting materials are published or changed. 
  • Whenever meeting materials are published, the system will prompt administrators to notify attendees. Administrators can also send a notification anytime on an on-demand basis. 
  • When sending a notification, you can choose from a list of predefined notification templates such as meeting update, agenda published and board pack update with a free-text box to input additional information for your users. 
  • Users will receive notifications within the portal and via email. An in-app notification will include a link taking users directly to the related page.

2. Export meeting materials as PDF

  • Administrators can now export meeting Agendas, fully collated Board Packs and Minutes as PDFs and allow users to download them for offline use. 
  • When exporting a Board Pack, separator pages are automatically added between files. Administrators can choose to include a cover page, the agenda or agenda sections as part of the exported Board Pack file. 
  • Page numbers are automatically inserted in the exported board pack PDF for easy reference.

3. View previous file versions

  • Administrators can now view all previous versions of an existing uploaded file, along with the shared annotations made to each version of the file.

4. Resetting user accounts

  • In the event of users forgetting their passwords or want to reset their account security questions, administrators can now trigger an account reset for such users.

5. Minutes autosave

  • The portal now saves automatically, every minute, when you are taking minutes. 
  • hen you exit the minute-taking page with unsaved changes, the portal will prompt you to save your work before leaving the page.


1. iCalendar (ICS) file attached in meeting notification emails

  • Meeting invitation and meeting update notification emails sent to users now automatically include an iCalendar file (in .ics format) with the latest meeting details. 
  • Users can easily add the meeting as a calendar event or update the existing calendar event in their calendar applications.

2. Click logo to return to the dashboard

  • You can now click on the logo at the top left of the interface to return to the dashboard anywhere you are in the portal.

3. Hide annotations 

  • A new function is added to the Board Pack Viewer and document viewer to allow users to hide (and unhide) all annotations with one click for easier reading.

4. User activation and password reset links validity

  • To enhance user access security, the activation URLs in user activation and password reset emails now expire after 96 hours of sending. When a link is expired, it becomes invalid and a new link will be required.