Tasks can be created to remind users to complete them before due dates. There are two types of tasks: general task and Meeting Task which is associated with a meeting.

Viewing Tasks

To view tasks assigned to and created by you,

1. Click on the Menu button on the top right > Features > Tasks

2. Switch between "Assigned to me" and "Created by me" from the top left

3.  Click on a task to see the details. You can post comments below the task details when needed. If this task is created by you, you can click on the pen icon on the right to change the details

Creating and Assigning Tasks

Tasks can be created from Create

1. Click on (+) button on the top right for the Create dropdown. Select New Task

2. In the New Task window, enter the task name and description as required. In Assigned To*, you can select yourself or other users to assign the task. Set a due date to remind assignees about the deadline.

3. Click Save

4. Task assignees will receive alerts in Inbox with a red indicator on the bell icon on the top right.

5. Alternatively you can find the New Task button on the Task List

Creating Meeting Task

You can also create tasks in a meeting when they are specifically related to the meeting. For example, meeting preparation work for meeting organisers and post-meeting follow-ups for directors.

1. Open any meeting you created or you are attendees of

2. Click on Tasks tab to view tasks under the meeting

3. Switch between Meeting Preparation and Post-Meeting tasks from the top

4. To create a meeting task, click on + New Task button on the right

5. In the New Meeting Task window, enter the task name and assign it to users. As a meeting task, you can also select a relevant category and task group.

6. Click Save to finish 

Completing Tasks

You can mark a task as "Complete" after finishing.

1. Click to open any task you are assigned to on the Task List or Meeting Task Tab

2. Click on Mark Complete button 

3. You will be asked for confirmation since you cannot undo this action