Deployment date: 14 March 2019



In this update, we have added new configurable settings for administrators around user login and made improvements to the application user interface to enhance user experience.

New features:

  • System Owner can now configure the maximum number of login attempts by a user before the account is locked.

  • System Owner can now configure whether the system sends email notifications to users when their accounts have been locked due to too many login attempts, and corresponding notifications when the accounts are unlocked.


  • Agenda now loads automatically in Board Pack preview for meeting administrators.

  • Agenda Items no longer appear as clickable with a hand-cursor on the Agenda page of Board Packs.

  • Line breaks are now supported in the Meeting and Task Description fields, and also Discussions and Notetaker in Minutes to improve readability

  • Instead of a prolonged loading time, an error message will now appear when attempting to upload files which are password protected or with file size over 20MB.

  • The existing active user login session will be signed out automatically when the user successfully logs in from a different device or browser. Only one active login session is allowed at a time for security purposes.

  • The Start Time value must now be earlier than or equal to the End Time value when creating Meetings, Agenda Items and Minutes.