All supported document files are opened with the built-in document viewer in Boardlogic. It has a number of features to let you read easily in most browsers.

All buttons are located at the top of the viewer.

Keyword search - look up a keyword or phrase inline by clicking the magnifying glass button. Note that for PDF, the file has to be OCR or text-based in order to find keywords.

Hide Annotations - One click to hide all annotations on the document.

Zoom in / out, display ratio - adjust to the page size that fits best to your screen.

Full-screen mode - can be found on the top right.

Annotation Tools - tools for making different kinds of annotations on documents. Read this for details.

When viewing a Board Pack, agenda items with files linked will show up on the left column. Click on the filename to open the file. Download the file to your device in PDF with the button next to the filename (requires file permission). Minimise the agenda column by clicking < button next to the meeting title.