This guide applies to everyone who uses Boardlogic for meetings.

Dashboard is the landing page every time you log in to Boardlogic:

  • Glances is the statistics of your actionable items. Click on the numbers to see the full list of corresponding items

  • My Upcoming Meetings displays up to the three upcoming meetings you have been invited to. Click View All to see the full list. Shortcuts to Agenda / Board Pack / Minutes next to each meeting will be available once they are published

  • My Spaces lists all Spaces you belong to. Click on a Space name to visit the Space's overview page

Top right corner buttons from left to right: Menu | Home | Search | Create | Inbox | Help | Account

  • Menu gives you full access to all portal features and content in all Spaces you have access to.

  • Home takes you back to the Dashboard wherever you are in the portal. You can also do the same by clicking the company logo at the top left corner.

  • Search takes you to the Search page where you can find information such as files, members and tasks in the portal.

  • Create allows you quickly create tasks and send a private message to other member(s).

  • Inbox let you preview unread notifications. You can click on a notification preview to read the full version. Clicking View All in the notifications dropdown takes you to the Notifications Centre which stores all your notifications.

  • Help lets you access this Help Centre for help articles and quickly Submit a Ticket to our support team for help.

  • From the Account dropdown you can edit your user profile, manage your settings such as time zone, language, email notification preferences and log out.