A Boardlogic portal is divided into multiple levels to segregate information, providing a flexible model to fit your organisational or board structure. This article explains the hierarchy of the system and various user roles.

System > Organisation > Space

System is the highest level in Boardlogic. Each Boardlogic client owns a System; each System has one or more Organisations*; each Organisation has one or more Spaces.

Spaces are created to segregate information between different groups of Members (Users), e.g. committees or teams, with an Organisation. Only members of a Space have access to the content inside, for example, a meeting must be associated with a Space. Organisation Administrators can create as many Spaces as needed. A Member or Administrator can belong to one or more Organisations*; one or more Spaces with an Organisation; and one or more meetings within a Space.

Examples of how a board structure can be set up in Boardlogic:


There are three types of administrators in Boardlogic:

System Owner can manage Boardlogic system as a whole. Each System has only one System Owner. He or she can create Organisations* and assign Organisation Administrators to Organisations*. System Owner has no administrative access nor user management rights within Organisations, and therefore has no access to meeting info and documents.

Organisation Administrators are usually the Company Secretary or governance professionals with the responsibility to manage users and sensitive information on the system. They can create user accounts, create Spaces and assign Space Managers and Users in their Organisation(s). Each Organisation can have multiple Organisation Administrators. 

If one person should share the system privileges of the System Owner and an Organisation Administrator, the System Owner has the option to become a Joint Owner Administrator role, which is a combined user role. Each Boardlogic portal can have a maximum of one Joint Owner Administrator.

Members (Users) and their Roles

Members refer to any users created by administrators. When members are added to Spaces, each member needs to be assigned a Space Role. Space Role defines a member's access to different features in a Space. Boardlogic provides two Space Roles by default: Space Manager and Space User.

Space Managers have full administrative privileges for the Space, including adding/removing members from Space, assigning Space Role to member, full create/edit/delete permissions to meetings and the information related to meetings. Space Managers are usually the day-to-day administrators of the group the Space is used for, e.g. secretaries of committees or board secretaries. Each Space can have multiple Space Managers. Organisation Administrators automatically become Managers of Spaces they created. 

Space Users have read-only access to meetings, and the materials associated with the meeting, that they are invited to inside the Space. Space Users are usually board members and committee members.

Space Manager and Space User are the default roles created for all Spaces. If you need a Space Role with customised permissions, you can create a custom Space Role.


*Each Boardlogic portal comes with one Organisation by default, please contact your Client Success Manager if you would like to enable multiple Organisations in your portal.